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Individual database development

Individual database applications bring order into the data chaos, no matter whether in the company, in the private sector or in the club.

Whether we look at an app on the smartphone, a program on the PC or an application on the WWW, we can only see a display there because the display is based on data. This data has to be stored and managed. That's why the data is stored in databases.

Nowadays, huge amounts of data are stored and have to be organized accordingly. Without databases, an effective management of all this information is impossible and ends in a data chaos.

It is crucial that the user is able to operate the database intuitively, and the cooperation between the developer and the operator is crucial for this.

Why would you work with me?

As PHP/MySQL programmer and database developer I have been working for many years. As a programmer I am able to develop independent web applications with trend-setting web technologies as well as applications for the operating system Windows as a local application. Therefore I am always looking for innovative solutions in cooperation with the customer.

Database techniques

These database systems are supported by me: MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access

  • MySQL is an open source database system, so it has no license costs and can be used for low-cost applications.
  • MS SQL Server and MS Access are proprietary database systems of Microsoft and are bound to the respective licenses with the corresponding costs.


Individual development

  • MS Access and VBA programming
  • Development of Windows-based applications (VB, MS SQL Server)
  • web site programming (PHP, Javascript, jQuery)
  • Connection to MySQL database systems
  • Multilingual interfaces
    (DE, FR, EN, LU)
  • Further development of existing databases
  • database modeling

My portfolio

Your advantages

Individual database applications at affordable prices

  • quick help
  • no contract period
  • customized support
  • hourly payment
  • fair fixed prices
  • Payment by invoice

Project request

How are database applications created?

A database developer designs and develops database systems (system software), programs them and applies them. The database developer's task is to tailor the system to the customer's needs. This means that the customer is in constant contact with the developer from start to finish.

Database development deals with the professional planning and development of database applications. Such a project is usually divided into 4 phases to map complex development processes:

Example database model for domestic help company


  1. There are customers with a need for help and employees who provide this help.
  2. For each employee there is a contract and an hour account where the hours worked are collected
  3. The customer has a needs assessment that leads to an offer and a contract with possible insurance claims and remarks
  4. The customer receives an invoice for the hours worked by the employee.

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