Web app for a smart music club (PHP/MySQL)

What it can do

Administration of the members of a club and the activities in a MySQL-database (Language of the user interface is german)

Structure of the database

database scheme

Saved data

  • Registration of the members (table: tblUser)
  • Information about the activities of the club (table: tblInfo)
  • Information about the presences of the members at the activities (table: tblMelden)
  • Administration of the clothing of the members (table: tblTenue)
  • Administration of the types of activities (table: tblKategorie)
  • Collection of ideas from the members (table: tblIdeen)
  • several views and listings on the saved data


Data visualisation and maintenance

The web pages are used for collecting the member data, the activities as well as the administration of the member data and are based on the framework [Bootstrap]. They are server-side developed with PHP and can be operated with any device.


Screenshots of the app

Input of the presence at the activity präsenzen
Administration of the activities bearbeiten
Listings about the activities and details (views) listen
background - Wallpaper