Alarm display for a fire brigade (PHP/MySQL)

Alarm visualisation and data storage of the alarm information in a MySQL database

Quick overview

The display clearly displays the contents of an alarm message on a screen in the vehicle hall or on the mobile device. Thus, one look is sufficient and the firing squad is well informed about the operation.

Flexible adaptation

The display is adapted to the needs and requirements of the fire brigade. This allows you to view information about current service lists, activities, blocked roads ... during idle state of the display.

Alarming text

Keyword and address, information of the alarm mail, geographical location with directions (on a map), magnified view of the site, closed roads and the current service list are among the alarm information.


If the alarm display is called on mobile devices, the fireman can be navigated to the geographical location of the operation.

Technical Details

- Programming language: PHP
- Database system: MySQL
- Responsive Design for display and mobile devices
- Display of geographical location: API from mapquest.com and OpenStreetMap
- No local installation of software required (only internet connection and display needed)


In a secured area of the website, the members of the fire brigade and the closed roads can be administrated in a simple way. The service lists are imported as plain text files. The activities shown in idle state, come from Google calendar.


background - Wallpaper